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A pesticide analysis of fruit, vegetables or animal feed is best carried out by a professional lab

Pesticides are thought to be responsible for: diseases affecting certain organs, including the liver, kidneys and lungs. There may also be neurotoxic effects. For these reasons, strict legislation on the use of pesticides has been introduced, and rightly so. Not only are they harmful to the environment, but in excessive quantities residues can also cause serious health damage. For this reason, the content of pesticides present must be properly monitored. A pesticide analysis of fruit, vegetables or animal feed is best carried out by a professional lab. Read on and find out which lab is the best.

Rely on specialists with many years of experience

Primoris is a lab that you can certainly turn to for pesticide analysis of fruit. They have more than 20 years of experience with the control of harmful substances in food. That is why they can always obtain very accurate results. Their well-equipped lab also helps of course. With the latest machines and techniques, they always work meticulously. You can also count on all the certificates that they can fall back on. If you want to sleep on both ears, they are without a doubt a great choice.

Get accurate results

For the most accurate results of a pesticide analysis of fruit or other food, it is best to call in a professional lab, such as Primoris. That way, you will continue to work with certainty. You can also rely on the expertise of the specialists for the analysis of other substances. Mycotoxins, heavy metals, other food ingredients, virology particles and other contaminants are all risky in large quantities, so we strongly advise you to always handle them safely. You can do so by relying on the specialists of Primoris. If you have any questions about their service, it is of course better to ask them yourself. They will be happy to explain their approach.