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Buy yourself a new heated circulating water bath for in your laboratory

When in need of laboratory products, like a heated circulating water bath, you best go to Prolyse BV. They provide high-quality equipment and services for companies in the analytical chemistry, process industry and mainly in the pharmaceutical- and life-science laboratories in the Benelux, but also in the rest of the world. You can find their headquarter in The Netherlands wherefrom they operate and send their high-quality equipment from. A heated circulating water bath may come in handy for your laboratory, so why not buy one from Prolyse BV?

Choose from different solutions

When you are looking for a heated circulating water bath, you can find over 50 different solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs at this company! Think about a full-featured circulating bath, a Calibration bath, economical Open Bath Systems or a full-featured heated circulating water bath with ramp and soak capabilities. In other word: you can always find the perfect bath here! When ordering a heated circulating water bath, typical applications include warming of reagents and culture media, thawing or tempering samples, biological incubation and cell culture of enzyme assays. Besides that, it is also possible to order other laboratory equipment here. Thing about densitometers, chromatography columns and viscometers. That way, they are a true on-stop-shop.

Place your order

Did you find the bath you were looking for? Easily place an order online. When you place an order over 500 euros, you do not have to pay any shipping costs. With lab equipment you are likely to reach this amount with just a single order, making this an excellent way to save on equipment costs! Did you received your equipment? Then you should be alert about the maintenance of your equipment to keep it in optimal condition. At Prolyse BV they have well-trained technicians to help you with it. Get in contact with them to explorer the options.