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The innovator in petrol station lighting

Bever Innovations is your experienced partner in petrol station lighting. As innovator in the LED lighting industry they offer intelligent LED solutions for your petrol station or stations. Sustainability and ease of use are the key values of this experienced company. Their work can be found all across the globe, in more then one-hundred countries. They have been hired by companies such as Shell, BP, Q8 and Total. These petrol stations look truly glorious with their new LEDs.

The LED innovators

Bever Innovations from Zierikzee, the Netherlands, are always raising the bar when it comes to petrol station LED lighting. With far-reaching performance improvements, your petrol station will be a bright beacon that provides a wonderful user experience and a feeling of safety. With our excellent LED price displays customers will clearly see the prices of your petrol. The displays are highly reliable and thanks to the different techniques and excellent protective equipment, these displays can handle the most extreme conditions. Whether they are put in places with scorching heat or frigid colds, they will always work. These experts understand that your petrol station has a specific brand identity and look, and they will make sure their displays will fit right into your totems.

Excellent lighting for petrol stations

When looking for excellent lighting for your petrol station, look no further than the experts from Zierikzee in the Netherlands. Sustainable and reliable, Bever Innovations has the very best LED lighting solutions for your gas station. With their LED lighting you will be able to connect to your customers like never before. If you have travelled the world, there is a good change you may have come upon the work of these experts, as they have worked on LED lighting for stations in China, New Caledonia, the Baltic States, Luxembourg and, of course, their native Netherlands. Brighten up your station with the excellent services by this experienced company.