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Why is preventive maintenance important

When you have a company with lots of machinery it’s very important to keep all of your machines in good condition. There are 2 types of maintenance practiced by companies that rely on equipment. The first one is preventive maintenance, the second one being reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance is the strategy of “don’t fix it if it isn’t broke”. This strategy can save money on the short term but can cost lots of money on the long run. Preventive maintenance is a maintenance program where you check the equipment routinely. This to avoid big costs that can occur when you don’t check it regularly.

Save money

When you ,as a company, only rely on reactive maintenance then you are waiting for a problem to happen. The cost can be high plus the unscheduled downtime can lead to halting producution, missing deadlines and idle employees. Unexpected problems can also result in higher cost for technicians. This to fix the problem faster. A preventive maintenance plan is meant to avoid this. Preventive maintenance will save money because it is focussed on preventing failure instead of responding to failure.

Better machines

When machines are not working in optimal condition it can lead to an unsafe work condition. Preventive maintenance will improve safetey because the machines are checked regularly. Machines will be routinly checked wich will lead to more efficiency of the machines. The machines will be running at peak performance. Planning your preventive maintenance will decrease the downtime of your machines. All maintenance wil require downtime. However preventive maintenance will decrease and optimize that downtime beceause it is not an unexpected downtime. Decreasing this downtime is a big benefit that saves a lot of time and money.

Because there are a lot of benefits  of preventive maintenance a lot of companies have addopted this routine. There are a lot of preventive maintenance companies willing to do a check for your company on a regular basis.